BAe Systems Nimrod

Span: 115ft 1in Length: 126ft 9ins Height: 29ft 8ins
Weight: 184,0001b Speed: 490mph at 3,0000ft
Ceiling: 42,000ft
Engines: 4 x 12,160lb thrust Spey 250 turbofans
Range: 3,500 miles (unrefuelled)
Endurance: 8hrs (Typical Profile)

201 Squadron operated both the MR1 and MR2 variants of this aircraft.

Armament: Included the Sting Ray torpedo, Harpoon ASM and provision for 4 x AIM 9G/L Sidewinder missiles for self-protection along with the AN ALE 40 and BOZ chaff/flare dispensers.

The MR2 tactical suite included an AQS 901 acoustics processor, Thorn EMI Searchwater radar (later in colour), Yellowgate ESM system (carried in wingtip pods) and a Canadian MAD system.

Later updates to the MR2 included a new IN/GPS navigation system, colour tactical screen. Link 11 datalink system, AQS 971 acoustic system and an Electrooptic/IR imaging system.

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