Avro Shackleton

Span: 119ft 10ins Length: 92ft 6ins Height: 23ft 4ins
Weight: 100,000lb Speed: 253mph cruise, 302mph max
Climb: 850ft per min Ceiling: 19,200ft
Range: 3,660 miles at 200mph
Engines: 4 x 2455 HP RR Griffon 58 (1966 aircraft were also fitted with 2 x 2,500lb thrust Viper Turbojets)

Armament: 2 x 20mm nose cannon and various bomb bay-carried weapons including torpedoes, bombs, depth charges and sonobuoys.
The Shackleton was the mainstay of the maritime force for many years and its endurance was loved and hated by its crews. The only export customer for the Shackleton was the South African Air Force.

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