201 Squadron Association



No. 1 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, was formed at Fort Grange, Gosport on 16th October 1914. The Squadron was re-designated No. 201 in 1918 with the formation of the Royal Air Force and is therefore the oldest maritime aircraft squadron in the world. The Squadron has a long and distinguished history with Battle Honours from both the World Wars and having been directly engaged in all the most recent UK military operations. As a consequence of the UK Strategic Defence and Strategic Review and the cancellation of the Nimrod MRA 4 aircraft programme, May 2011 saw No. 201 Squadron’s disband for the third time in its history.

No 201 (Guernsey’s Own) Squadron Association aims to ensure that the traditions and ethos of the Squadron are held in trust until, not if, the Squadron reforms in future. The Association provides a focal point for all ex-members of one of the Royal Air Force’s oldest squadrons to keep in contact with old friends and comrades. The website supports this aim and also contains stories, articles and images that provide a personal insight into the history of No. 201 Squadron.

Whether you are a current member, a new member, someone with a family connection with the Squadron or just someone interested in maritime aviation please feel free to browse the site – there is something for everyone.