Short Sunderland

Span: 112ft 9ins Length: 85ft 4ins Height: 33ft
Weight: 60,000lb Speed: 213mph at 5,000ft
Climb: 840ft per minute Ceiling: 13,900ft
Range: 2,980 miles
Endurance: 13 ½ hours
Engine: 4 x 1,200 HP Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp Rl830
Armament: Dependent upon Mark, a combination of:
Nose: 1 x Vickers later upgraded to 2 x Vickers machine gun (MG).
Tail: 4 x Vickers MGs. Mid-upper: 2 x Vickers MGs.
Waist gun: I x 0.5 Browning each side.
Some aircraft had 4 fixed forward-firing MGs for strafing surfaced submarines.
Bomb load was 8 x 100lb or 250lb or 4 x 500lb bombs or depth charges .
Other stranger plans included the mounting of a forward firing 37mm cannon in the nose and a plan to mount 2 x 37mm cannon firing vertically down through the planing hull of the Sunderland.
A total of 739 Sunderlands were built.

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